Build new integrations

Your own custom integration, integrating Companyweb for a customer or adding Companyweb to the functionalities of your software does not have to be complicated.

Companyweb provides a simple, well-documented API, guidelines and test cases. Still stuck? Our integration team is always on hand for a demo or support.

Why do our customers integrate Companyweb into their software?

  • Automatic completion of all fields and indicators of your choice based on a VAT number or the name of a company
  • Enrichment of customer, prospect and supplier records with health barometer, credit limit, other indicators or sections from the annual accounts of your choice
  • Keep client and supplier data automatically up-to-date via our “Alerts à la carte”. (changes of address, bankruptcies, changes in health or other indicators,…)
  • Direct access to detailed trade or KYC reports from your customer and supplier records

Contact us for access to our API, additional information, support or a demo.

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