Connect Winbooks and Companyweb with one simple click.

  • In a simple, understandable way you will gain insight into risk, survival, payment capacity, profitability, stability and numerous other key factors to assess a company. 
  • You can also complete your files with numerous useful data such as turnover, number of employees, a health barometer, etc.
  • If something special is reported for a particular account, a "warnings" button appears under the health barometer. These are warnings for risks of bankruptcy. 
  • You can view the full report for an account. This report gives extra details about the company (branches, mandates, list of publications in the Belgian Official Gazette, the annual accounts of the last few financial years, etc.).
  • Want to know how fast companies pay their invoices? Then share this info about your own customers with us and get free access to each company's payment experience.

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