Connect Winbooks and Companyweb with one simple click.

By activating the integration between Companyweb and Winbooks, you get simple understandable information on risks, survivability, payment capacity, profitability, stability and many other key financial indicators to assess a company in a simple, comprehensible way, directly in Winbooks:

  • Automatically complete and extend your files with the name, address, health barometer score, credit limit, turnover, the number of employees and several financial indicators.
  • Get access to warnings for bankruptcy risks directly files via a new "warnings" button.
  • Open the detailed "Companyweb Trade Report" from within a file in Winbooks. This report provides additional details about the company (establishments, mandates, list of publications in the Belgian Official Gazette, the annual accounts of the last financial years,...).
  • After joining the Payment Behaviour Exchange program, Winbooks will show you the payment behaviour of the companies in your files, giving you an insight as to how punctual they make their payments.


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