Venice is the software for your accounting, invoicing and customer management.

By linking Companyweb and Venice, you can see all information from Companyweb to assess the financial health of your customers and suppliers directly in Venice:

This integration adds the Companyweb health barometer and score to Venice, indicating the general health of a company based on a set of (non-) financial indicators. No financial knowledge is required to further interpret this score. You can immediately see how great the risk is via the colors.

The health barometer will be presented on the customer and supplier sheets, based on the company number. In addition, the health barometer score will be presented on all billing documents of the customer or supplier for which the document is being prepared.

Venice remembers the last requested data from Companyweb per company number and presents it, together with the date on which this information was requested. You can request the most current score by clicking on the date.

When clicking on the health barometer score you will gain access to the detailed Companyweb Trade report with detailed financial and legal information regarding the company.

From Venice you can exchange the payment behavior of your customers with Companyweb. In return, you get free access to the enterprise payment experience. This tells you at a glance how punctually your customer or prospect makes his payments.


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