Exact Venice

Venice is the software for your accounting, invoicing and customer management.

The connection between Companyweb and Venice, allows you to consult the financial heatlh of your customers and suppliers directly from Venice.

Via the VAT number, the health barometer is displayed on the customer and supplier records. In addition, the score is displayed on all invoicing documents, for the customer or supplier for which the document is created. The financial report gives you insight in the up to date address, the status and financial risk warnings (failure, change of address, liquidation,...) of each company.

Venice remembers per company the last requested data from Companyweb and visualizes it, together with the date on which this information was requested. You can easily request the most current score by clicking on the date.

Want to know how fast companies pay their invoices? Then share this info about your own customers with us and get free access to each company's payment experience.

Exact Venice

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