BouwOffice Finance

"BouwOffice Finance" from KPD Construction Software manages your company's finances with a program customized for the construction industry. BouwOffice Finance is perfectly adapted to the specific way of invoicing in the construction sector, with progress statements and Time & Material based invoicing.

With the integration of Companyweb, your Client and Supplier cards will get an additional Companyweb tab which shows:

  • VAT company name and address based on official sources
  • Operating status
  • Credit limit
  • Health barometer
  • Bankruptcy Risk Warnings
  • Key financial information
  • Average workforce (FTE)
  • Link to comprehensive trade report

In other words, the Companyweb tab provides you with all the information you need to know who you are dealing with.

Furthermore, the Companyweb integration can give you access to "Payment Experience" information within BouwOffice Finance. A company's "payment experience" tells you at a glance how punctual it pays its invoices. Share your own payment experiences with Companyweb and in return get free access to this valuable information for your customers, contractors and suppliers based on the payment behaviour of the companies in Companyweb's database.

BouwOffice Finance

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