LISA is an ERP package that has been developed to allow business processes to run efficiently and transparently in the food sector, among others.

Companyweb integrates seamlessly into LISA. Based on the VAT number in LISA, this integration allows you to retrieve all Companyweb data regarding your customers and suppliers and show/store it directly in LISA, where you need it most.

More specifically, this integration retrieves the following information:

  • Name and address details
  • Balance sheet data
  • Profit/loss
  • Credit limit
  • Health barometer
  • Bankruptcy risk warnings

Additionally, you will have a link to the detailed COmpanyweb page where you can continue exploring business and financial data ragarding your 3rd party contact.

The "Payment Experience" indicator can also be activated within LISA

A company's "payment experience" tells you at a glance how punctual it pays its invoices. Share your own payment experiences with Companyweb and in return get free access to this valuable information for your customers, contractors and suppliers based on the payment behaviour of the companies in Companyweb's database.


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