BrightStaffing is the all-in-one software solution for recruitment companies. You manage all steps in the staffing process in a simple and efficient way. From matching to invoicing and payment.

Through the Companyweb tab on the client sheet in Brightstaffing, you get up-to-date and reliable information about the financial health of your clients and prospects.

  • With Companyweb's health barometer and credit limit, you can see at a glance how a company is in both financial and legal health.
  • For each VAT number, you can request a comprehensive financial report that includes information on company directors, shareholders and warnings of a risk of bankruptcy. The report can be stored directly in the client file. So you have all necessary knowledge within arm’s reach.
  • When you retrieve the report, the address is updated if different from the address in the company sheet.
  • You can additionally retrieve the number of FTEs, joint committees and Nace for each company.


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