Admin-IS / Admin-Consult

Manage your office with Admin-IS and Admin-Consult. See at a glance where you stand with all your tasks, where you need to take action regarding the anti-money laundering check, what you have communicated with each customer, how profitable you are and much more! Syneton's innovative office management packages are open, which means that they connect with all other packages that can do the same. 

The integration with Companyweb makes it possible to show data from Companyweb directly in Admin-IS and Admin-Consult.

You can find a relation by name or VAT number. The integration then automatically adds the health barometer, credit limit, a list of publications from the Belgian Official Gazette and any missing data related to name, VAT number or address directly into Admin-IS and Admin-Consult.

The integration also adds the Companyweb Spider which provides information about the business managers, directors and whether they are linked to other companies. Additionally, it allows you to store information about the relationship's mandates directly into Admin-IS and Admin-Consult.

Admin-IS / Admin-Consult

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