ProfitPlus Business Software

The ERP solution for a forward-thinking entrepreneur.

Faster, simpler and better. ProfitPlus Business Software integrates all commercial, logistics and financial business processes into one comprehensive package for the manufacturing and trading sector. Work more smoothly, with more control, accuracy and information than ever before. This allows you as an entrepreneur to focus on what really matters: your business.

ProfitPlus makes it possible to fully to check your customers' creditworthiness, thanks to Companyweb. This gives you financial security and allows you to work with customers and prospects in complete safety.

Within your daily work environment, you get a quick and easy view at Companyweb data:

  • the status of the company
  • the credit limit
  • health barometer 
  • the address
  • bankruptcy risk warnings
  • the detailed Companyweb report

ProfitPlus Business Software

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