Carfac is a software supplier for the automotive, agricultural, construction and industrial sectors.

Activating the integration between Carfac and Companyweb adds the following functionality:

Via the "Companyweb" button, you can search for a customer based on the VAT number. The rest of the customer data will then be automatically completed and extended with the health baromter score, the cusomter's credit limit and other key financial information related to the customer.

The "Report" button takes you to the customer's "Trade report" on the Companyweb website and provides further detailed information related to the customer.

The "Payment Experience" indicator can also be activated within Carfac.

A company's "payment experience" tells you at a glance how punctual it pays its invoices. Share your own payment experiences with Companyweb and in return get free access to this valuable information for your customers, contractors and suppliers based on the payment behaviour of the companies in Companyweb's database.


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