Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales is a CRM system in which you integrate Companyweb. 

This is possible in the SaaS as well as in the On Premise environment.

By entering a company name or VAT number you easily create a new lead or account with Companyweb. 

In an existing lead or account you enrich the file with the following data:

  • health barometer
  • credit limit
  • warnings for a risk of bankruptcy
  • status
  • latest balance sheet info (turnover, gross margin, profit/loss,...)
  • link to the detailed trade report
  • link to the company sheet on the Companyweb website
  • ...

The Alert Service allows you to monitor your customer database. The customer files are automatically updated in case of address changes, bankruptcies, bad financial situations, etc.

Want to know how fast companies pay their invoices? Then share this info about your own customers with us and get free access to each company's payment experience.

Dynamics 365 Sales

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