Teamleader incorporates CRM, project management and invoicing into one simple and intelligent tool that helps businesses work smarter.

With Teamleader Focus, you have all your customers and contact information in one place. 

The integration with Companyweb extends the companies in Teamleader with valuable financial and legal information. These insights allow you to evaluate each lead or customer.  

Based on the company number, your customers, suppliers and prospects are automatically supplemented with:

  •  Address
  • Status 
  • Health barometer score
  • Credit limit
  • latest balance sheet info (turnover, gross margin, profit/loss,...)
  • warnings for a risk of bankruptcy
  • ...

Additionally, company sheets are automatically updated in case of address changes, bankruptcies, bad financial situations,... So you always have the most up-to-date information and are ready to make the right decisions at any time. 

Based on the Companyweb data, you can create usefulsegments in your CRM. These segments are updated every day. This allows you to focus on financially healthy leads and companies. 


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