Organi Oras

ORAS, Organi Accounting System, is a top financial package for both the finance departments of medium-sized and large companies and for accountancy firms.

Activate the integration between ORAS III and Companyweb and use the Belgian VAT number to automatically complete the business relationship card with the following Companyweb data upon creating it:

  • company name
  • address
  • revenue
  • gross margin
  • profit/loss
  • health barometer
  • links to the Companyweb trade reports

The Companyweb health barometer gives an instant overall picture of the company's health basis on a combination of financial and non-financial parameters.

The address offered by Companyweb can easily be copied into the ORAS III address sheet. This way you always have correct and up-to-date address information.

The Companyweb trade report provides you with detailed legal and financial data covering the last 4 yours.

This integration also allows you to join our Payment experience program. By sharing your customers' payment experience with Companyweb via ORAS, you get free access to the payment experience data as shared by all participants in the program. This will tell you how punctually your customers or prospects pay their invoices.

Organi Oras

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