Consult financial statements

With Companyweb, you can easily and quickly consult any financial statement. Get instant insight into the financial data of all Belgian companies. Companyweb displays the most recently filed annual accounts and allows you to easily compare them with previous years, supported by extensive financial analysis and ratios.

Entrepreneur, accountant, investor, ... Companyweb offers you the most up-to-date and reliable company information. Choose the subscription that suits you best to get unlimited access to our database of financial statements, key figures and data of all Belgian companies or try all features temporarily for free.

Consult financial statements

Our functionalities

Search for financial statements by company name or VAT number

Easily search for companies by name or VAT number to consult their annual accounts. Companyweb always displays the most recent annual accounts filed with the NBB, adapted to your own language.

Get key figures, ratios and insights from every financial statement

Get insight into any financial statement with an overview of key figures and key financial ratios, conveniently bundled in one place. Companyweb combines information and insights from financial statements with other (non-)financial information, providing insight into the creditworthiness and financial health of companies.

Compare and export financial statements

Easily compare financial statements of a company over different years and gain insight into the evolution of their financial health. Easily export financial statements from different years to Excel to continue your own analysis.

Companyweb: know who you are doing business with

With Companyweb, you get insight into the risk, the survival rate, the payment capacity, the profitability, the stability and other key factors of every Belgian company. This way, you always know who you are doing business with. Discover here what other information, functionalities and insights Companyweb has to offer.

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