Comtext (SRL)


BE 0816.702.287

Peter Benoitlei 77
2930 Brasschaat
Principal activity
Public relations and communication activities

Crisis resilience of Comtext

Which companies are best armed against current economic trends and the energy crisis?

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Financial data of Comtext

2022 Financial statements 2021
Profit/Loss -€17,160
Equity €18,894
Gross margin -€12,593

Frequently asked questions

What is the VAT number of Comtext?
The VAT number of Comtext is BE0816702287.
When was Comtext founded?
Comtext was founded on 01-07-2009.
What is the address of Comtext?
The current registered office of Comtext is located at Peter Benoitlei 77, 2930 Brasschaat.
When was the last time Comtext filed their annual financial statements?
The most recent financial statements of Comtext were filed on 03-10-2023. You can view them here.
How many employees does Comtext have?
There are currently no employees working at Comtext or no workforce information is available.
What is the annual turnover of Comtext?
At the time of its most recent financial statements, Comtext did not publish any turnover figures. Comtext reported a gross margin of -€12,592.71.

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