Holdco Gv-Db (SComm)


BE 0808.162.824

Boechoutsesteenweg 164/15
2540 Hove
Principal activity
Activities of holding companies

Crisis resilience of Holdco Gv-Db

Which companies are best armed against current economic trends and the energy crisis?

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Frequently asked questions

What is the VAT number of Holdco Gv-Db?
The VAT number of Holdco Gv-Db is BE0808162824.
When was Holdco Gv-Db founded?
Holdco Gv-Db was founded on 03-12-2008.
What is the address of Holdco Gv-Db?
The current registered office of Holdco Gv-Db is located at Boechoutsesteenweg 164/15, 2540 Hove.
When was the last time Holdco Gv-Db filed their annual financial statements?
Holdco Gv-Db has not (yet) filed any financial statements.
How many employees does Holdco Gv-Db have?
Holdco Gv-Db has not (yet) filed any financial statements or no staff information is available.
What is the annual turnover of Holdco Gv-Db?
Holdco Gv-Db has not (yet) filed any financial statements, so no data is available.

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