Jean-Philippe Antoine (SRL)


BE 0692.698.279

Journal 8
6971 Tenneville
Principal activity
Wholesale trade of cars and other light motor vehicles (= 3.5 tons)

Crisis resilience of Jean-Philippe Antoine

Which companies are best armed against current economic trends and the energy crisis?

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Financial data of Jean-Philippe Antoine

2022 Financial statements 2021 Financial statements 2020 Financial statements 2019 Financial statements
Profit/Loss €72,587
Equity €444,582
Gross margin €48,354

Frequently asked questions

What is the VAT number of Jean-Philippe Antoine?
The VAT number of Jean-Philippe Antoine is BE0692698279.
When was Jean-Philippe Antoine founded?
Jean-Philippe Antoine was founded on 20-03-2018.
What is the address of Jean-Philippe Antoine?
The current registered office of Jean-Philippe Antoine is located at Journal 8, 6971 Tenneville.
When was the last time Jean-Philippe Antoine filed their annual financial statements?
The most recent financial statements of Jean-Philippe Antoine were filed on 20-07-2023. You can view them here.
How many employees does Jean-Philippe Antoine have?
There are currently no employees working at Jean-Philippe Antoine or no workforce information is available.
What is the annual turnover of Jean-Philippe Antoine?
At the time of its most recent financial statements, Jean-Philippe Antoine did not publish any turnover figures. Jean-Philippe Antoine reported a gross margin of €48,354.16.

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