Ressources-Santé (ASBL)


BE 0435.983.326

Rue De Verrewinkel 15
1180 Uccle
Principal activity

Frequently asked questions

What is the VAT number of Ressources-Santé?
The VAT number of Ressources-Santé is BE0435983326.
When was Ressources-Santé founded?
Ressources-Santé was founded on 30-09-1988.
What is the address of Ressources-Santé?
The current registered office of Ressources-Santé is located at Rue De Verrewinkel 15, 1180 Uccle.
When was the last time Ressources-Santé filed their annual financial statements?
Ressources-Santé has not (yet) filed any financial statements.
How many employees does Ressources-Santé have?
Ressources-Santé has not (yet) filed any financial statements or no staff information is available.
What is the annual turnover of Ressources-Santé?
Ressources-Santé has not (yet) filed any financial statements, so no data is available.

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