Data management – a story in four parts

Data management

Data matching

Matching your databases:
You have a database containing companies, but maybe you don’t have the VAT numbers for many of them.
No problem! The Companyweb matching tool will handle the job easily.
And for the data that we are unable to match, you will receive a tool that you can use to link your data to registered companies yourself.

Data maintenance

Your database will be complete and accurate.
You receive the latest company information for all the VAT numbers.

Data integration

Enriching the company data in your database.
To get the very most out of your CRM you may want to complement the data you have with
the information available to Companyweb (names of contact persons, turnover figures,
number of employees, health barometer, credit limits, etc.). We can deliver all the
company data you require and integrate it into your database.

Data tracking

Customised tracking:
If you want to track certain companies in your database, then we will follow them up using their VAT numbers for you.
If any changes occur in one of these companies then you will receive the new data directly as an XML file, which you can feed straight into your own databank.
A bankruptcy, a change of address, new management, changed financial health and anything else – you’ll be informed immediately and your own database will be updated!
That means your master data is always accurate and up to date.
We can handle integration on your behalf for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP-CRM and many other software packages. You name it, and we’ll do the integration.

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