International reports

International reports

Companyweb gives you at a glance insight into the financial situation of other companies.
Now, the information is no longer limited to Belgium, but also available for France, the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom and Luxembourg. Other countries will soon complete this list.

Avoid from now on risks and bad payers with your international customers.

Partnering with Companyweb provides you more than just financial insight.
For years, you can profit from these benefits:

  • Health barometer of the company
  • Alert service
  • How punctually does a prospect pay?
  • Targeted prospection
  • 90% of the accounting packages are integrated with Companyweb
  • Compare competitors
  • From now on, you also get the possibility to obtain international reports from:
    • France
    • the Netherlands
    • Germany
    • United Kingdom
    • Luxembourg
    And of course we continue to expand this list.

    Test Companyweb yourself!
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    Note: the free test login doesn't give you access to international data.
     You are already a customer.
    Then you already know how far Companyweb goes to protect you against bad payers and to give you insight into the financial health of prospects, customers and partners.
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