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Companyweb is a specialist in the field of company information in Belgium.

You can see the risk, survival chances, payment capacity, profitability, stability and other key factors of all Belgian companies. You thus know who you are dealing with in an instant... and who it is best not to do business with! Our annual subscription formula is unique. It gives you almost unlimited access to our database with key figures and data of all Belgian companies.

Get to know your customers

Are your customers or suppliers financially sound? Companyweb reveals the complete financial and legal situation of Belgian companies and directors.We analyse who the directors are and in what sectors they operate. We ensure that you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Up-to-date and correct company information

As an official supplier to the Institute of Company Auditors, the Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants and the Professional Institute of Accredited Accountants and Tax Consultants, we provide the most recent and accurate company information available on the market.

Targeted prospecting

As Companyweb has company information on all Belgian companies, we are the ideal partner to bring your prospecting to a successful conclusion. Find out how you can select your prospecting files on line on the basis of region, activity, creditworthiness or other factors!

Easily and effectively analyse your customer portfolio

All departments can make use of Companyweb, whether sales, accounting or marketing. With Companyweb you can easily, quickly and efficiently analyse your customer portfolio.

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Payment experience

Payment experience

Get a clear view of the payment behaviour of your customers.

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Discover the new Companyweb app free of charge and know who you are dealing with wherever you are! Available for iPhone & Android.

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With your annual subscription you gain unlimited access. No charges per enquiry! From 599 euros / year.

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Integrate Companyweb in your accounting software or in your own ERP, CRM or other application.

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