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Customers and suppliers no longer have any secrets!

Companyweb clearly and simply informs you of the creditworthiness, survival chances, payment capacity, profitability, stability and other key factors of every company in Belgium. Thanks to this mine of information you can assess a company yourself, and actually know who you are dealing with.

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Health barometer

Health barometer of the company

Are your prospects financially sound? Companyweb includes all relevant information in its health barometer. A clear and readable indicator for which no financial knowledge is required.

Complete overview of the company directors

Complete overview of the company directors

Who are the directors of a certain customer or prospect? A clear overview shows who you are dealing with.

Credit limits

Credit limits

The credit limit gives an indication of the credit capacity of a company.

Comparative competition report

Comparative competition report

Compare a specific company (VAT reference) to three other companies according to choice.

Warning lights for risk of bankruptcy

Warning lights for risk of bankruptcy

How can you quickly recognise negative signals relating to customers and prospects? Warning lights immediately draw your attention to the risks.

Company directors included in STANDARD en PREMIUM250 and PREMIUM500 packs

Companyweb tells you who is working behind the scenes of Belgian companies. Who are the company managers? Who are the directors and so on ...

You can do searches in a simple way on the name of a director and see what other companies this person works in.

The relationship of the company directors with any other companies is revealed. Moreover, it becomes clear which members of the company management are working in other companies.

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Alert Service

Thanks to the unique "Alert Service" of Companyweb, you can closely monitor specific customers. You can create a list online of the customers that you want to monitor. For this customer list, Companyweb automatically informs you of all important changes in these companies.

If a bankruptcy occurs, or other important indicators change, then you are immediately informed of this by e-mail. You thus do not have to continually check a company for any new negative signals.

You are automatically informed. It couldn’t be easier.

Because this is so important, in the "basic pack" you can monitor up to 50 companies.

Alerts + included in PREMIUM 250 and PREMIUM 500 packs

This extra tool enables you to distinguish between your good customers and your bad customers.

You get an overview of the companies with good, poor and problematic health scores.

Then with a simple click you can automatically monitor your bad customers.

You are informed 24/24 by e-mail of every change that occurs. This screening is FREE for our premium packs (premium 250 or premium 500)

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Integration in your software

90% of accounting packages are already integrated with Companyweb. With a press of a button your program automatically makes the link to the Companyweb database. You can thus use your accounting software even more efficiently.

If you work with your own ERP, CRM or other software application, then Companyweb can also be integrated. We ensure tailor-made integration so that our data can be used intelligently and efficiently in your company.

We would be happy to make an appointment to discuss this integration in detail and to develop the best solution together.

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Companyweb Mobile app available for STANDARD and PREMIUM250 and PREMIUM500 packs

The Companyweb Mobile app is the application par excellence to find out who you are dealing with, wherever you are.

Standard and Premium users can extend their existing subscription with Companyweb mobile.
Premium users also gain direct access for one device.

24/24 access to all commercial information

24/24 access to all commercial information

Essential for all B2B activities: sales representatives, company directors, buyers, etc.

Available for smartphones with the iOS (iPhone) or Android operating system

Integration of smartphone functionalities

Integration of smartphone functionalities

Of course the Companyweb app makes use of all the smartphone advantages:
  • Geolocation of all companies
  • Integrated use of telephone numbers and e-mail adresses
  • ...
Company directors

Company directors

Find out who you are dealing with.

While travelling you can easily do searches by name and see which companies this person is involved in.Clear colour codes indicate the current situation of the companies in question.

Scancard module (no OCR !)

Scancard module (no OCR !)

Discover the unique scancard module – free for all users:
  • Take a photo of your business card
  • We process it manually (no OCR)
  • The business cards are added to your adress book, you also receive an e-mail with a V-card of this contact.

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€ 99 / device / year

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Data marketing

Companyweb has recent and accurate company information on all Belgian companies and is thus the ideal partner to bring your data projects to a successful conclusion.

You can use Companyweb for:
We will make you a personalised offer according to the data selection that you can make online yourself.

DATA files:

Companyweb is the ideal partner for the selection of B2B data files.

Online prospecting files

Online prospecting files

On you can select online prospecting files on the basis of region, activity, creditworthiness and many other factors.

You can see online the number of results that each selection yields while you are selecting. A personalised offer will be made to you directly.

Starter files

Starter files

Every year Belgium sees no less than 70,000 start-up companies and self-employed people. Especially in the first six months after their formation, these start-ups have to make important investment decisions and enter into partnerships. You can be the first to make contact with these new prospects!

Through Companyweb you can receive an overview of all new start-ups every week, month or quarter, per region, per province or per postcode according to choice. Overviews of start-up companies and start-up self-employed people are possible!

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Personalised prospecting files

Personalised prospecting files

On your request our specialists can put together the most complex files for you.

Selections and combinations are possible on the basis of all Companyweb variables:

•   For example you can select according to the number of employees in a company (if desired split between blue-collar and white-collar), sector data, companies that have recently made major investments, companies with large numbers of vehicles, etc. Business Intelligence at its best and the ideal way to get a step ahead of the competition.

Bankruptcy lists

Bankruptcy lists

Every year between 10,000 and 12,000 companies and self-employed businesses go bankrupt in Belgium.

Through Companyweb you can receive an overview of all new bankruptcies - both companies and self-employed, every week, month or quarter, per region, per province or per postcode according to choice.

DATA analyse

Companyweb gives you the opportunity to do an extensive analysis of your existing clientele.

On the basis of matching against VAT number, and an intensive enrichment of your customer portfolio, we can do a complete analysis of your customer portfolio. Find out what types of customers can make particular use of your products or services.
Classification according to type of company, creditworthiness, region, turnover, profit, formation date or other useful variables ensure transparency in your customer portfolio.

Analyse the sales potential that you still have on the basis of your current customer type, analyse the profile of your competitors, see in which sectors the directors of competing companies or customers are also active, etc.

DATA analyse
DATA analyse
DATA analyse
DATA analyse
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DATA maintenance, matching & integration

Company data require continuous updating.

  • Every year around 10% of companies in Belgium relocate!
  • Every year around 9% of company directors change.
  • On average data files contain 10% 'doubles'.
  • Every year more than 10,000 companies go broke.
  • And thousands of companies stop, merge or are taken over.
For most companies it is practically impossible to keep their master data up-to-date.

Companyweb is the only data supplier that can completely solve this problem for you! More info

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